Show Them the Shit

It’s my belief that all profound art is just as ugly as it is beautiful. Observe any famous piece of art, and I can guarantee there will be something in it that you both hate and love. “Why is she wearing that?”, you might say. “Brown was not a good colour choice. Completely ruins the work.”

I use brown as an example based on the title of this post… Brown is the colour of shit.

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On Being Realistic

“Realistic” in the 21st century is otherwise defined as “being prepared to settle for the most negative outcome in your chosen path possible, and if by the smallest chance you do stumble upon an ounce of success, to realise that it will probably be short-lived anyway and in the long run won’t be worth the hassle so you should just quit now, save yourself the inevitable misery, and learn from everyone around you that what you want to achieve can’t be done”.

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Take Care

Out of a felt need to maintain the “creative writing” trope of this blog, I’ve avoided this sort of post for a while. But having read deeply into personal development over the past six months and learnt the power of positive thinking in relation to success, I think it would be stupid to subjugate knowledge that could be useful to others some day.

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