You withered from me
like a change of season.
I grieved and thoughts of you fell
like leaves; soon brushed
tidily away from my life.

Though, I still find traces of you –
little crumb-like memories –
their welcome overstayed.
Not all of them are murderous
as you. Some are nostalgic flames.

Flames I must overthrow
for my own good. Embers of desire
I must put out and put down,
afraid of what would recur
like an unforgiving forest fire.

I wish I could freeze
every memory of you
and shatter each one into nothingness.
Even though I am sure they would thaw
and seep back through my skull.




You’ve been missing from me of late.
A distant memory tells me that you were there, once.
Bright, longing, wanting – then you slipped away
like air.


I don’t know why you left me.
Only an anthology of poetry could unriddle
that mystery. I cannot fathom what I did wrong,
if I did anything wrong. . .

I recall your eyes,
so heavy, so light.

So healing to look into.
A dilemma I couldn’t immediately solve.
But when I wanted a solution,
you faded; evaded without resolution.
Perhaps it was me. Too pushy.
Too insistent. Too much blind love
and not enough careful thought.

I love too much or not at all;
that’s where I fall.

Am I sick in the head, criminally insane,
or do you draw your joy from my pain?

My love for you comes in storms.
Short-lived, excessive, then calm.

Until my next dark cloud.


Another Graceless Night

I wake
Like a slug
Festering between sweaty sheets
Reaching for water
To revitalise the dead garden in my head.
I receive a glass, a lukewarm well
Of thickened liquid that tastes like old.

My legs struggle out of my sheets,
And I rise. My spine a rusty bike chain,
My head as secure on my neck as
The Leaning Tower.
I rise. And apologise

To myself,
My unmade bed, my unwashed clothes.
And I forgive.

Over and over and over.

Stop Comparing Your Life & Be Grateful

Our lives aren’t Pokémon cards. We need to stop obsessing over one-upping each other as though they are.

For most of us every day is a battle between comparing ourselves to others and not caring at all. In a generation of social-media-overload, the temptation to spend hours scrolling through Instagram finding reasons to be jealous of other people’s prettily filtered lives is ever prevalent.

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Show Them the Shit

It’s my belief that all profound art is just as ugly as it is beautiful. Observe any famous piece of art, and I can guarantee there will be something in it that you both hate and love. “Why is she wearing that?”, you might say. “Brown was not a good colour choice. Completely ruins the work.”

I use brown as an example based on the title of this post… Brown is the colour of shit.

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